Welcome to uidzero.net (aka zero.uidzero.net)

About me

I was born in the midwest a bit over 35 years ago. I went to college at
Iowa State University and obtained 2 BSs (BSEE, BSCprE) with math
and computer science minors. I also obtained an MS in CprE and passed
the Fundamentals of Engineering/Engineer in Training examination.

Most of my classes focused on computer networking, communications 
systems, and numerical methods. You can see most of my class
schedules on my webpage.

During most of my undergrad life (well, starting in Decemeber 1996) I worked
for the DOE Research Lab on campus, Ames Lab. I worked in the Scalable
Computing Lab. We researched cheap methods of getting higher performance
out of available hardware.

As a grad student, I worked one year for my former major professor (half
as an RA, half as a TA teaching an antenna theory/design course). 
I then moved back to the SCL. 

My last year of grad school I had a summer internship at IBM in Rochester MN
working on the BlueGene/L computer. The internship became an 8 year job there,
starting with BGL, then BlueGene/P, and finally BlueGene/Q. I was the team leader
for the communications stack for the latter part of BlueGene/P and all of 
BlueGene/Q until I left IBM in June of 2012.

Currently I work at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Oak Ridge TN. I primarily
work with climate scientists to parallelize dataset post processing from 
large climate simulations.

I was a member of the Graduate (and Professional) Student Senate
for all of my graduate "career". I was on the executive board starting in April of 2001
serving as the communications chair (I handled the website, all computer
issues in the office, mailing lists, etc)

My interests include 

  • Metal Working
  • Metal casting
  • Wood working
  • Reading
  • Fine Scotch (30 year Laphroig is my favorite)
  • Beer
  • Chemistry
  • High-energy electromagnetics
  • Microcontrollers (PIC, Arduino, others)
  • Computers
  • Mandarin Chinese (I took 2 years in college)
  • Cooking
  • Wine
  • Bowling
  • Rifle and pistol shooting